The time has finally come for me to admit out loud. I might have to check myself into a loony bin when I’m finished writing this because I never thought in a million years I would ever, ever admit this to anyone. I like Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight series. I don’t like any of the others and if I did I would admit it only once, here. But yes Breaking Dawn, it is the one book I like out all of the sparkling vampire rubbish.

I can’t justify why I like the book, I hate, hate, HATE the vampire legend that Stephanie Meyer uses. I am a very big believer that vampires are supposed to be evil, disgusting creatures that see humans as a source of food and this sparkly rubbish that she spins infuriates me but there is something about the last book of the series that made me read it in one night. I borrowed it off someone from work and didn’t sleep until I had given it back the next morning in a happy state.

I think there is one main part of the book that turned it around for me and made me fall in love with the book. The scene where Bella gives birth/transforms. It is well written and gruesome, really gruesome. It could make the final film watchable if it is done right, which I doubt because they wouldn’t want to up the rating and alienate the tweenage audience. This scene made me sick yet was by far the best bit in the book. And the rest isn’t half bad either.

Ok so I have admitted it. I am handing myself in to the loony bin tomorrow and fully expect the complete mocking that I deserve. Go on, mock me.

Although I warn you, if you do mock me I will set a real vampire on you…