Goodbye day four!

Today was by far my most productive day and it just happened to be the first day I let go of the stress that comes with reaching 50,000 words in 30 days. For the past three days I had been obsessed with reaching the daily target so that I could keep on top of all the writing and win.

That tactic wasn’t working for me so instead I chose to stop caring quite so much, I’m not doing NaNoWriMo because I want to win, I’m doing it because I love the characters I’ve created and I want to do them justice. It is no longer about hitting word targets, it’s about creating a realistic world for the characters I love. Whether or not I reach the overall target I will still have words that weren’t there before and that’s the real achievement.

I spent day four focusing more on character development than the emotional heartbreak of sending families to war and orchestrating suicides that the previous days brought. That in itself will probably bring more emotional heartbreak in the long run; I have an eight year old boy in my story that was originally only there to give a sweet and believable reason behind why one of the main characters is disabled and therefore can’t go to war. Today this little boy took me by the hand and showed me his world, he has become part of the beating heart of this world.

Ok reading that back I believe I have truly gone insane. Don’t worry, as I said in my first NaNo post I will be committing myself after this so you don’t have to.

Day four has been the most positive of my experience so far, I am actually enjoying my characters now and I’m finally writing for me instead of for the word count. Saying that though I am still proud that I’m catching up!

Word count: 6,030