Well day five was a bust. Another day lost to migraine. I wrote less than 200 words. 

The worst bit about the lack of writing done on day five was that all day my characters sat around in my head begging to tell me more of their story but I was in too much pain to help.
My migraine cleared away around 10pm which was just enough time for me to have some food and yell at my girlfriend for being behind on her AcWriMo goals. It isn’t my choice to yell at her, she just works better if I’m putting constant pressure on her to write.
At just past midnight I am awake enough to get some words done before going to sleep but hopefully not too awake that I stay up all night. I have to be well rested for the all nighter I want to pull tomorrow night for the American election.
I don’t want to be vocal enough to tell the whole WordPress world who I support but I think any regular visitors to my little blog world will know that as a woman who is in love with another woman the results of the election are very important to me. I’d love to live in America one day and I’d love it even more if my future wife could still be my wife there.
Anyway, enough of the politics. I’m away back to let my characters continue their conversations.