As a young girl who was beginning to discover the power of books The Famous Five were a godsend. Even if they were so outdated for my generation. Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy became my friends. I wanted to adventure alongside them, to discover gold on islands and outwit the bad guys. I wanted to travel back to innocent times when life was all about picnics and ginger beer.

The books changed my life, particularly Five on a Treasure Island because they made me think that if I went to boarding school this would be what my summer holidays would be, they made me want to devour books and most importantly… They introduced me to my first love, George.

As a young girl I wanted to be George, she was amazing, she would cut her hair and pretend to be a boy and take no prisoners. She was fun, bossy and always had her way. I wanted George to be my best friend, I wanted to be with her all the time, little did my tiny child heart know but I was falling in love for the very first time. A love that would change my life and I will carry with me forever (although if my girlfriend asks I am totally over it). The 1996 tv series also compelled my love even further and I have to admit, looking at the actress who played George now, Jemima Rooper, I had pretty damn good taste at such a young age. Rooper has aged REALLY well.

While the books are outdated and have not aged well they were the basis of my childhood and part of the reason why I still love to read now.