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I wish I was a Hufflepuff

It is no secret that I am obsessed with Harry Potter. It is a slightly better kept secret that I pretty much went to Hogwarts. My school had four boarding houses, insane teaching staff and some really good friends.


Unlike Hogwarts you weren’t put in a house by a magical rhyming hat but by gender and age (Hogwarts had a much cooler system). Like all the other Harry Potter obsessives I’ve taken all the sorting hat quizzes it the results always baffle me. I constantly flip flop between Ravenclaw and Gryffindor, on a day when I answered the opposite of what I felt I even managed Slytherin.

I understand that most people want to be Gryffindors, most geeks want to be Ravenclaws and most bullies want to be Slytherins but what about Hufflepuffs? Why are so many people against Hufflepuff House? Especially those obsessed with sparkling Cedric Diggory, does no one remember that dear old Diggory was a Hufflepuff?

The more I watch or read Harry Potter the more I realise I would want to be in Hufflepuff. Not because of all of the typical ideals held up by all houses but by the pressures in each of the members of those houses.


Imagine the pressures on a Gryffindor, you are constantly expected to be brave and chivalrous. You have to live up your housemistress, Professor McGonagall, and you have Harry fricken Potter to constantly overshadow everything good you might do!

What about those in Slytherin? The pure evil in your house is immense, you would have to be constantly cunning in order to attempt to impress your housemaster, Professor Snape, and then you would have Draco Malfoy constantly sneering at your pathetic attempts to do outdo his levels of meanness. Although not all of them are evil, Horace Slughorn was a rare nice one.

Ah Ravenclaw, you are my second favourite house but the pressures your students must feel seem immense! On one hand you have the beautiful Cho Chang as your housemate and Luna Lovegood could be your best friend. On the other hand even a mean Slytherin, prefect Gemma Farley, commented that Ravenclaws are so competitive when it come to academia that they will even backstab each other in order to get top marks. That is pressure that I would never be able to handle.

Hufflepuff on the other hand is underrated, it is always thought to have had the least powerful witches and wizards because of the house founder’s policy of accepting anyone. In reality, Hufflepuff has produced the smallest number of dark wizards and witches than any other house and, second to Gryffindor, the largest number of students staying to help defend Hogwarts against Voldemort. Hufflepuff doesn’t lack in cool students, Tonks was a Hufflepuff, that’s right, Tonks, the incredibly cool witch of awesomeness that was Tonks. There is a lack of pressure to be great on Hufflepuffs, but sometimes the lack of pressure produces greatness.

I wish I was a Hufflepuff.



The book character most like me

The greatest of all the books have a main character that you emphasise with and feel for and want to go on that journey with them. I have had this experience with so many books that I don’t feel like I should compare myself to a main character. I think it is a much nicer compliment when someone else picks up a book and sees you when they read a certain character.

My mum and first step-dad used to call me Hermione Granger. I like to think that it was because I have always been smart and brave but in reality it must be because I have always been a little bit of a goody two shoes and dork. I almost never got in trouble during the first few years of boarding school because I was terrified of being told off.

Then as I got older and cared a little less about being well behaved and more about spending time with my friends and defeating the lord of all evil so did she!

The book most like my life

A group of kids go away to a magical boarding school where there are four houses, housemasters and mistresses and they play Quidditch. The book that is most like my life is Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone because there is no doubt about it… that was my life.

OK so there was no Quidditch but for 10 years the easiest comparison to make to get people to understand the type of school I went to was always Harry Potter because everyone knew the books (or films) and that was the easiest way to describe it.

Until someone writes a book about a 21 year old journalism student with a boring job and a geeky girlfriend it is the closest book I can get to real life.