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Today was shaping up to be a pretty terrible one, I had a really bad migraine, all my muscles ache from building a bookcase and I knew I was going to have to build another one today.

Then my girlfriend rang me and woke me up, she just kept babbling on about whether or not I’ve seen the news or been on Twitter yet today. Eventually she was coherent enough to tell me the Scottish Government was going to legislate for equal marriage.

My day has been made. No my life has been made.

I don’t think I can put into words how terrible it feels when the country you live in legislates against you, when it refuses to see you as an equal in society and refuses to give you the same rights.

I’ve had the equal marriage debate a hundred different times with so many different people and it is surprising the amount of different views floating around. From the people that despise the pesky gays for trying to force their religion to conduct a ceremony it deems immoral while not understanding that we were campaigning to get the government to open it up to religions that want to take part not force anyone to do it, to the straight people that were possibly more vocal than some of the LGBT people I know on the importance of equality to the reactions of my own parents.

I love my parents very much and I don’t doubt that they love me but I think they both had very different reactions. My mum is incredible, she gets angry at homophobes on the Internet and goes on mini rants about how I’m allowed to love whoever I want, it probably helps that she loves my girlfriend (note to self: keep this one). My dad had a different reaction, while he fully supports civil partnerships having the same benefits as marriage (although they currently don’t) he doesn’t understand the importance of the word marriage to the people who currently can’t have one, he says it is just a word, not knowing the full power of words to the people they are denied. He also said he doesn’t care whether or not it happens because it has no effect on his life. Dad, I love you but how does it not effect you? I’m your daughter and this tiny piece of legislation will make my life and my love equal in the eyes of the law to yours, I think that it pretty damn important. 

I should point out in fairness to my dad that he has never once been unsupportive of me when it comes to my sexuality, he was much more accepting that I ever could have asked for and I am truly grateful for that.

Now back to the legislation, being a sucker for words I have to say I’m not delighted by the words the Scottish Government used when announcing the news. Their Twitter feed says they ‘intend’ to make it into legislation which is rubbish wording on their part. I intend to go on a diet but it doesn’t mean I’m actually going to do it.

I’m also in two minds about the additional protection they want to bring in for religious bodies, one part of me hates this, this is our legislation, the Catholic Church can jog on. However, as it was pointed out on Facebook by a friend of mine that is a law student and who knows her stuff, the majority of legislation isn’t overturned in the Scottish Parliament but in the courts afterwards so giving these religious bodies extra protection will hopefully mean that when they decide to try and overturn the legislation in court they won’t have a leg to stand on.

All of this legislation stuff will mean nothing until it actually goes through in whatever ridiculously long time frame the Scottish Government gives themselves and less still until the day I get to drag my girlfriend down the aisle.

To end on I would like to congratulate all of the campaigners that worker tirelessly on lobbying all of the MSPs on this, and to every single MSP who has stood up in support of equal marriage, let’s be honest this isn’t something we can thank only the SNP for just because they happen to be in power but something we can thank every single supportive MSP for because they stood up for what they believe in (especially Patrick Harvie because I get goosebumps every time I’ve seen him talk at a rally or Pride).


I am a sucker for romance. On Monday night I watched three ‘romantic comedies’ in a row. I love when the girl gets the guy and everyone lives happily ever after. I love the swell in the music, the look of realisation, the declaration. Ok so I am a sucker for bad movie romance as well as everyday romance.

I, like most people, have had my ups and downs when it comes to romance. I’ve had regrets and I’ve done stupid things but I have also learnt from them. I have learnt that you can’t go around breaking people’s hearts because someone nicer comes along but I have also learnt that it isn’t healthy to stay in a relationship just because the other person loves you when you don’t feel the same.

I can hear you all groaning already; ‘Oh here she’s goes, spouting about how she’s grown as a person or lecturing us on love.’ I promise you I’m not doing that. This is me in a state of shock. Today marks one year since I met my girlfriend, Rhianna and the past year has been wonderful.

I have also realised something over the past year. One day, I want to be the girl in the movies. The girl who has her perfect day. A day with a cake and a white dress, well two white dresses. A day with laughter and music and love. Ewww I think I might throw up myself, bet I beat you all to the bathroom!

Ahh now that the being sick is over I might get a little preachy. Under current legislation I’m not allowed that perfect day. So if you are living in Scotland I want you all to do something wonderful for me. Got to the Scottish government’s website and fill in their consultation on same-sex marriage. It isn’t fair that I’m not allowed to get married to the person I love because they happen to have boobs! If you aren’t living in Scotland and you happen across this blog then I urge you, forward to people in Scotland. Or if you are in the rest of the UK then soon they will be launching a consultation, respond to that when it comes out.

The provost for St. Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow said in an interview (to little journoface me): “I want gay members of my congregation to be able to walk safely down the street hand in hand and safely up the aisle hand in hand.” This is an incredibly beautiful thing that more and more religious figures are feeling and one I hope will spread to those who don’t.

Preachy part over, now back to the disgusting fuziness. A year ago today my life was changed, although officially this didn’t happen until about a week and a half later because I got drunk and made out with some random in the Cathouse (eww), and I just wanted to say; Happy Meetiversary Rhianna. Don’t get scared off by the marriage part. I won’t make you put on the white dress until the government change this law…