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As a young girl who was beginning to discover the power of books The Famous Five were a godsend. Even if they were so outdated for my generation. Julian, Dick, Anne, George and Timmy became my friends. I wanted to adventure alongside them, to discover gold on islands and outwit the bad guys. I wanted to travel back to innocent times when life was all about picnics and ginger beer.

The books changed my life, particularly Five on a Treasure Island because they made me think that if I went to boarding school this would be what my summer holidays would be, they made me want to devour books and most importantly… They introduced me to my first love, George.

As a young girl I wanted to be George, she was amazing, she would cut her hair and pretend to be a boy and take no prisoners. She was fun, bossy and always had her way. I wanted George to be my best friend, I wanted to be with her all the time, little did my tiny child heart know but I was falling in love for the very first time. A love that would change my life and I will carry with me forever (although if my girlfriend asks I am totally over it). The 1996 tv series also compelled my love even further and I have to admit, looking at the actress who played George now, Jemima Rooper, I had pretty damn good taste at such a young age. Rooper has aged REALLY well.

While the books are outdated and have not aged well they were the basis of my childhood and part of the reason why I still love to read now.


Time well spent

When I’m not working or at college I do find myself with a ridiculous amount of free time. I know that in reality my time should be spent doing things like this.

This is the finished product for my desktop publishing unit at college. I’m quite proud of it because I didn’t go to many of the classes and still managed to pass. I think it looks quite professional (if I do say so myself!) and it definetely helped me learn my way round InDesign.

However, I tend to spend too much of my time doing things like this.

This would be from a very thrilling time in my life where I spent a day watching Disney films and tying the contents of a packet of strawberry laces together.

When there happens to be a lack of strawberry laces in my life I tend to resort to amusing myself in one of two ways.

Watching one of the many DVDs I own… of which I wish I had many more.

Or reading. I love to read. I will read almost anything. I even managed to make it through all four Twilight books even though I often wanted to throw them out the window!

I also spend some of my time drawing. I used to draw a lot more when I was a teenager but I do still like to dabble from time to time. I will draw pretty much anything but have been trying some Anime-style people lately as a new challenge.

And when all else fails I guess I could spend some time with that lovely girlfriend of mine!

This is my wonderful girlfriend when we were in Paris. And she does take up all of the remainder of my spare time.

Sometimes I feel I need to do something more productive with my spare time but then I realise that I spend my spare time doing things that I enjoy and with people I enjoy spending time with. Definetly time well spent.

I hate and love Saturday nights. Saturdays mean Doctor Who but they also mean working until 10pm and having to rush home to watch that night’s Doctor Who hours after every other geek in the world has been on the latest magical Steven Moffat journey.

*May contain spoilers*

(Make that will)

The beginning of series six of Doctor Who sparked many unanswered questions. Pretty standard for Steven Moffat.
Is Amy pregnant?
If Amy is pregnant, is Rory the father?
Who is River Song?
Who is the girl in the spacesuit?

In my post-Doctor Who theory throwing around stage I pretty much only had one. Amy and Rory are going to have a baby that will grow up to be River song and thier daughter is the girl in the spacesuit.

It seemed so logical, River knows all about the TARDIS and she can fly it. She also said she was in jail for killing the greatest man she ever knew which would make sense if she was the girl in the spacesuit. The reason why Rory was her father and not the Doctor if the girl has special Time-Lordy powers is because Time Lords are made not born and there is no way Rory and Amy could be on the TARDIS all that time and not get up to anything! The TARDIS would have had the effect on the unborn baby that could trn her into a Time Lordy type girl.

After a great consiparcy theory session I curled up and went to sleep. Enjoyed catching up with Doctor Who every week and looked forward to when the last episode would come and Steven Moffat would be sure to hit me with some obsure theory that didn’t even resemble mine.

Curling up in bed with a nice cup of tea I turned on BBC iplayer, ready to be taken on a magical journey hours after everyone else. Loving every minute imagine my horror when the credits roll and I discover… *gasp*… I was right?!?

My world has twisted and been thrown upside down. I couldn’t be happy that I had finally guessed a plot to Doctor Who… My idol… The greatness that is Steven Moffat hadn’t upstaged my own theories and made them insignificant with his excellence and a vision that would prove mine to be narrow.

Would I lose all of my faith in the genius of the Moffat? The god of Doctor Who (and Coupling)… No. Nothing could bring me to that.

This was the man who made every theory I could come up with in Series 5 look silly and childish. To this man I trust the future of Amy and Rory’s child. To this man I trust the future of Doctor Who. I just no longer trust the insignificance of my theories.

I shall watch Series 5 again and remember the greatness that made me guess a new theory about the crack with every new episode.

Even if the rarest of things to happen to a geek happened to me. Guessing Steven Moffat’s craziness.