50,000 words. 30 days. Don’t worry, I’ll be committing myself to an asylum so you won’t have to.

It is now technically day 3.

I originally planned to get this one story out of my head that has been there for well over five years but another story came along at the last minute and waved frantically. The other one was content enough to wait some I’m letting this one out.

Day One: I didn’t do anything. I left the house for uni at 8am and I didn’t get home until half 5. I then took some painkillers for a migraine that almost made me go hulk on my fellow classmates and slept. I woke up when Rhianna came home from work around 7pm but the rest of the evening was spent with me writhing around in pain and wishing someone would invent a permanent migraine cure.
Word count: 0

Day Two: I overslept. I checked the mail. I spent a lot of time on Glasgow’s NaNo chat room. I finally started to write around 6pm. My girlfriend came home around 7pm and then we spent a lot of time creating a name bank for all the possible characters that might make an appearance. I then drew a blueprint for the house my main character lives in. I also disabled the most likeable character.
Word count: 1,668

Will do a day three update later on in the day.

I never understood what people meant before about characters writing themselves. I initially had a plan for several of my characters that has completely changed. Also story lines have come out of nowhere for characters that I never gave any thought to in the planning stage beyond how they would interact with my main character.

I think the biggest challenge I’ve faced so far is not knowing enough about World War 2, especially Scotland during World War 2 so I’m having to do a lot of research as I go. I know some of my points probably won’t be historically accurate but I’m trying not to edit too much as I go along. December is for editing. November is just about getting the words on the page!

Also, two of my characters changed their own names. I was convinced that my main character’s best friend was going to be called Mary. I’d decided that before any other names. As I’m writing her name for the third or fourth time it just switches to Ellen. I had no control over that and it wasn’t until I was reading what I had so far that I even realised she had switcherooed her own name! My main character also changed her name but I had more input on that one. Ruth just didn’t fit her. She kept telling me it wasn’t her so when I came across the name Roberta she yelled “that’s me! Call me Bobby for short!”

Yes, I am aware I’m coming across crazy talking about my characters as if they’re real but you go try and write a novel, you’ll eventually sound just as bad. It might take you more than the two days it has taken me though!